Monday, September 20, 2010

Best way to use Flash at night

- Use manual with slow shutter speed to allow ambient background light so the flash doesn't look too harsh
- high ISO ~800
- Put flash in so that is some light.
- There is only so much you can do. Flash wont make things even.

Note: To expose the background at night, the longer the shutter speed the more background. Example : YMT's pic with disney background. If shutter speed is slow, background is lost and the flash only exposes her.

Correcting shadows selectively

Just follow those instructions.

Key points
- Duplicate background twice; one for shadow, one for HL
- For Shadow -> Image -> adjustments -> Shadow/HL
- For HL, just do regular saturation or other adjustments if needed
- Put HL layer on top. Put a reveal mask on HL layer. Use a 20% opacity brush and paint on the shadow.

- Grain on the shadow area
- ***Use fill in flash