Sunday, January 20, 2013

Backlit Sun flares

Backlit sun flares
I've been obsessed with backlit photos with lots of sun flares.  For backlit photos, spot-metering saves my life from having to manually meter and adjust. I really should start using a reflector to fill in.

My recipe to edit those backlit photos (in lightroom):
- increase exposure until subject is correctly exposed. Background somewhat blown out.
- bring back the details in the subject by adding contrast, clarity, sharpness etc)
- warm it up by temperature slider (sun rays are supposed to be warm!)
- add some vignette at the corners to bring back the blown out background.
- add some yellowish haze by clipping blacks in curve and dragging blue channel highlights a bit to add some yellow  (like this from 2:55 to 5:05)

This is a short and simple tutorial to add artificial sun & lens flare in photoshop. (can't find it for lightroom).  I haven't used it yet. It might come in handy later if I barely miss the sun.

Sun rays from the window
I've been wanting to shoot rays coming through the window.  The only time I stepped upon that light setup naturally was in a dark windmill in Neatherlands.
Turns out I can add those sun rays by this photoshop tutorial. It might come in handy sometime. But that's probably too much work for me.

Split Toning
I always love the sophomore guy's cold bluish toning for a long time.  And now I found an easy split-toning method to resemble that look.

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