Sunday, February 1, 2015


I bought my first woven wrap after so much stalking and constant obsession with babywearing sales/sites/videos etc. I thought so much about longevity and finding that perfect one and only one wrap for the rest of my life since they are so expensive. Who would believe a piece of fabric would cost that much!  But as soon as I got it, I want another one. I'm going down the rabbit hole now. I realized it's the baby-wearing world of Louis Vuitton.

I got this hand-me-down Baby Bijorn baby carrier before she was born. During her first 2 months, I walked her around the neighborhood for an hour every day in that carrier. I went to BWI (Babywearing International) meeting when she was 5 weeks old. I tried ring sling and decided my Baby Bijorn is way easier. And I didn't want to pay $30 membership fees when I already have a carrier! Little did I know.

For the following month meeting, I went there with a problem. My baby only want to be carried high on the shoulder so she can look out, and Baby Bijorn doesn't work if she's not sleeping in it.  Jay taught me kangaroo carry with a rainbow fabric wrap. I came home with that rainbow Little Frog wrap.  So so so difficult. I still couldn't believe how I decide to bring it home to try and not give it up like ring sling the first month. After so many tries at home for a month, I was hooked. I love those very beautiful rainbow stripes tightly wrapped around the tiny little baby body.  And that's the beginning of my obsession.

Since then, I stalked and stalked and stalked wraps until I finally decided to buy one for myself at 3.5months and be done with it.  Geez. I realized I just added fuel to the fire. Now I'm even more obsessed.

Now she's my accessory. Who said babies are not an accessory in your life?  I love wearing her. I love carrying her around everywhere. So worth it.