Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Beyond the fall

 It's officially (past) fall now, and leaves are on the ground. This year, I haven't carried my camera in my purse everyday like before because I've been abusing my purses that way.

So I've been putting off the fall photo walk for past few weeks even though a friend gave me heads up that yellow trees are in their prettiest shape.  While I procrastinated,  I've been thinking whether leaves turn from (green to yellow to red to fall) or (green to red to fall) or (green to yellow to fall) to time my fall photo walk for perfect color. :-)

And when I finally stepped out, most yellow trees are empty now :-( Eek! I want to beat myself in the head for procrastinating.  Anyway, I need something for next year, right?  Now there is this sea of yellow and red leaves everywhere.


And this year I'm really obsessed with yellow. 
Random "yellow fever"

Now red:

Yellow and red

How many types of different leaves did you see in my photos here?