Thursday, August 22, 2013

Maternity Photography (Portrait 33/52)

I start to have a huge sympathy for pregnant mothers at a new level after I photographed this beautiful mom-to-be, who is due a week from the day of the photoshoot.  It was such a hot day, and she did all her best to create my poses. After seeing her move around a bit, I just wanted to see her lay down and rest and forget about the photoshoot.

Even so, in that heat and sweat and tiresome hour of photoshoot, she is beautiful.

I learned a lot of what's doable and what not in maternity photography, especially with 9 month pregnant mother about to pop any minute.

Plus, I start to appreciate how patient fathers must be during this time when seeing him getting everything she needs since she can't pick things up now herself.

I can't thank them enough for doing a photoshoot with me this close to due date on such a  hot day. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wine tasting in Livermore (Portrait 32/52)

 This is the first time I really know how to taste the wine although I went wine-tasting twice before. I never really enjoyed wine till today. Thanks to Dave, who is my ex-boss who also married me and my husband officially. The best boss you could ever have. Having a boss like that for my first job right out of school, I'm spoiled for life.

Dave and Janet took us to Underdog wine bar by Concannon vineyard for tapa lunch.  We got 3 wine glasses each for a flight option of our choice. I got dessert wine flight that came with 3 different sweet wines. Oh heaven!  I can't get enough of them, all 3 of them. Icewine is my fav now.

We did a full wine-tasting at Brent Creek winery and 3 Steves after lunch. Brent Creek is so good; they have a long list of various wines to taste. 3 Steves doesn't have a comprehensive list to taste.

Now I'm looking for opportunities to go to Livermore again.