Friday, September 27, 2013

Anticipating the Fall

It's officially the end of the summer now in northern California. I can tell that Fall is in the air. Leaves are not turning yet. But mornings are chillier than before and they definitely have that scent and vibe of fall/winter coolness.

Although I miss long summer days with never-ending daylight, I'm actually looking forward to fall and winter.  Entirely for my wardrobe reasons.  I can't wait to put on scarves, boots and layer up. Summer dresses are fun, but I can't wear too many pieces in summer. Me being the one who loves dressing over-the-top, I can't wait to put on my winter wardrobe.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Newborn photoshoot - Mason (Portraits 39/52)


Newborn photography is hard, but easier than I thought and been so scared of. They just need time and patience; lots!

Newborn sessions are nice and chill. It was fun to hangout with the family (mom) while we waited for the baby to go to sleep again and again. Newborn moms are very nice and chilled. They are not in any hurry at all.

On the other hand, toddlers are hard; unimaginably hard. It's all luck for me with toddlers for now.

Thanks to Jaime for completely allowing me to handle the super-cute wobbly baby for poses and wrapping him up myself.  You are one chilled mom I could just easily hang out with.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Golden Myanmar Travel photos

Sunset in Bagan
As I was making a photobook for our trip in Myanmar 2 years ago, I dug these out from my HDD. These are from Bagan, Mandalay, Taung Gyi and Inn Lay.  
(All rights reserved © 2010-2013)
ဓမၼရံၾကီး ဘုုရား
အာနႏၵာ ဘုုရား 


မဟာဂႏၶာရံုု စာသင္တိုုက္
Lunch offering at Maha Gandaryon Buddhist school for monks (sorry, I don't know how to translate it)
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Fields over U Pein Bridge
U Pein Bridge

Maha Myat Muni Pagoda

a door at ေရႊေက်ာင္း

InnLay Lake where people row the boats by legs

Golden Island Resort cottages in InnLay Lake

PaDaung tribe in the mountains. The number of rings around their neck is increased as they age. 

Traditional Shan umbrella made from Paper. 
I didn't know Shan people has their own traditional umbrella. I only knew of PaThein umbrella in Myanmar.

MyPublisher never disappoints me.  After complaining every night for couple weeks while making this photobook of our trip to Myanmar (Burma) from 2011, and swearing never to make a MyPublisher photo book again (due to all the same reasons I had before), all those complaints went away when I started flipping the pages in my hand when the book arrived.

Quality is the best.  Colors are vibrant and true to digital colors on my monitor. It didn't give me any regrets for many hours put into that book. Paper is thick, heavy, glossy and just so pretty.

I start to appreciate MyPublisher again after trying shutterfly last time for ~$10 (about it in this post).  The quality is not even comparable. Shutterfly pages are super dull, grainy (not due to high ISO), thin and doesn't look hi-resolution at all.  In fact, these Myanmar photos were taken two years ago with XSi whereas  those in Shutterfly book were taken recently with 5DII, but came out with lower quality from Shutterfly.

Although Shutterfly bought MyPublisher, I believe they still have separate printing houses. I hope they stay that way.

I'm very happy with MyPublisher photobook. Feel very rewarding. I might do another book, and repeat the complaining history again after all.

Same pricing as my previous photo books. $30+$10 shipping for 8.5x11" 70 pages hardcover.  They do that promo about 3-4 times  a year.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Eye Candy By Cho
Finally!  I have a custom domain name for my blog. Yayy!!

I've been living so long with just because I can't decide on a  name to register. And all the good names are taken of course. I spent days and days at a time, brainstorming about names. My fav lastname is not easy to pronounce, let along typing it in correctly, let alone remembering it.

But I'm now happy that I got a simple one, which represents who I am and how I want my work to be.

Both old and new URL point to this same blog, so my old url with is still fine for those who bookmarked. Same for the ones I gave my business card to with old URL.  

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Crochet baby props

I have a few baby photoshoots coming up in next few months, so I'm whipping up my crochet skills again for baby props. I love crochet roses; they look so cute on baby girls like this photoshoot of Vera.

Why don't I buy them? I could, but I just don't want to buy something I can make myself. Plus, they are  expensive! But I definitely can't make enough, and I can't make enough variety. Otherwise, I wish I can make enough to give one to each of my baby customers.

If it's the pattern you are interested in, I used the free patterns from here and here for roses, and here for baby boots.