Monday, October 3, 2016

birthday photoshoot

Birthday photoshoot by myself only gets worse this year around. I didn't do birthday party for my daughter this year so we can just take it easy at home. I was assuming it will give me more time for a photoshoot in the house under controlled setup. Well, I didn't prepare early enough this year. 

I waited for her to nap to take a sleeping photo and holding pose similar to last year. I did manage to get something similar, but costed me dearly. She woke up after 30min nap and that was it for the whole day. We were all exhausted and cranky from not enough rest.  It reminded me of newborn days when I have to get the setup and photoshoot done for a few major timelines, when we had to risk her nap and our energy and rest time.  At least, we don't do it monthly or quarterly anymore. 

So, after I gave up on the sleeping photos on her actual birthday, I need to get her birthday cake and balloons. Well, we went out of the house late, so after getting balloons and cupcakes for photos, the sun is gone and no more light left for the day. Losing sunlight is a bankruptcy for a photographer. The wind was strong outdoors so I couldn't get her a photo with her cake and candles. :-(  I didn't even get her photo of holding the cake or blowing candles because we have to shield the wind with all our hands. 

So, the day is over and her actual birthday photos were non-existent. I might just have to make peace with it or try it again next week, assuming it's only a week late and forget the fact that it's not actually her birthday. I guess she wouldn't mind blowing the candles again for the photos. 

While I'm getting the camera ready to make her hold the cupcake for photos, she reached down and ate it. So no more cake photos. LOL.