Sunday, September 21, 2014

2 months old baby Christopher

Baby Christopher is last minute photoshoot before my due date.  I am already on maternity leave, and this photoshoot got scheduled within couple days of enquiry just so we will make it before I'm in labor.  After the shoot, I'm not ready to go into labor until processing is done. I felt quite relieved and ready for baby after finally delivered the photos. Now I'm ready.  :D

One of the reasons I like doing photoshoots is meeting new people. I learn a lot from everyone. Each and everyone is different.  Being a full-time engineer, I spend more time on computer than with people. Photoshoots allowed me to meet new people with very interesting backgrounds. Plus, newborn photoshoots gave us time to chat while waiting for baby to calm down, be fed and changed. So, I always like hanging out with the families during photoshoots, especially now that I'm expecting my own.

In fact, I realized that when I am expecting, the baby classes we took taught nothing more compared to what I already learned from my photoshoots. Thanks to all those amazing moms & dads, who shared with me all baby knowledge during our photoshoots.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Maternity photography

Now that I'm expecting a baby myself, I've been quite impressed by the women who have the courage to do maternity photoshoots.

I have imagined that I'll try all sort of fancy maternity poses when I'm pregnant, but turns out I don't want to be taken a picture of for the .  Doing self-portraits is already hard enough, but with a big belly, moving back and forth between poses and checking the camera is not fun.

Plus, something I haven't thought of in my imaginary maternity photos... I am so short that my maternity photos don't look arty at all. I look like a bowling pin instead.