Sunday, July 1, 2012

Adding a border in Lightroom

1) Print Module

My fav method:
Print module
*** Print Setup -> Select/create a dummy printer with 0 margins.  Add 4x6, 5x7" with 0 margins.  (Existing printers don't allow me to have 0 margin, so it adds extra margin as in Fig1)
Image settings on right panel
select Stroke (color and size)
Print Job -> Save as JPEG
Just adding a solid color border I don't need special border from photoshop (as in 2 links above)

Pic on the left: Using Method 1. Note the extra stuff outside the border

Pic on the right: Using Method 1 with dummy printer that allows 0 margin

- I can't export as exact 800x600.  My print job is specified by paper size + dpi.
To have 800px for web-posting with border, use 6 inch * 300px/inch = 1800 px.    800px/6in = 133px/inch.

*** Always use 300dpi for actual printing.  

2) Print Module with identity plate
Both methods above are the same.  (using photoshop border in lightroom print module)

3) Adding border by vignetting
Since border=vignette here,  this is useless if I want to add a separate vignette unless I can stack different vignettes.
TODO: See if I can stack presets for the same adjustment.  I think no.

Using Method 3) Vignetting. Perfect black border, but no vignetting

I wish I don't have to go thru Print menu.  I wish adding border is a preset and can be exported together in library module.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Studio lighting

 Above: Narrow lighting v.s Broad lighting.  Narrow lighting on the left hides the body.

My fav is diagonal arrangement with main light in the front and kicker light in the back. The kicker light really light the hair and give the body 3rd dimension.

Two lights at 45deg camera left and right lights the face evenly on both sides, but it doesn't give the 3D effect as by kicker light.