This page is a collection of my non-portrait work. Portraits portfolio is under Weddings & Engagement page; and most portraits are in my on-going blog posts.

Sunrise at Kyite Htee Yoe, Myanmar

During 2011, I did project 365 (one pic a day for 365 days). Although I did make one picture a day and finished the project up, none of those pics got out of my computer HD, not even to facebook or flickr. So, here are some.  At some point, I would like to move them to my main blog page as a post. But it's unlikely to happen at all. 

I leanred most of my techniques during Projet365 because I need new contents to photograph every day for a year. So I learned many things, including strobes, light modifiers and lighting because I need.  Although content and style then seemed very amateur looking back now, it was a valuable time to try out many technical skills.

Many of my Project365 photos are self-portraits, which is how I found out I like portraiture rather than landscapes or nature. 


Many of my friends said my photos have a girly taste. Right on! I love pretty things. I can never have enough pictures of flowers and girly details.
wild yellow flowers in Madison, WI

I do some travel photography as well.  I can't keep up with posting travel journal on this blog with all my travel photos. So I'm putting some here under miscellaneous. 
Sunset over Bagan from Shwe San Daw pagoda
de Louvre, Paris
Zaanse schans, Neatherlands

Grand place, Brussels, Belgium
Amsterdam canals at night

Mathura, India
Houseboat in Kerala backwaters, India
Jaipur, India
I love windows. So when I travel, my attention always go to windows. 
windows at Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, India. 
Jaipur is seriously my favorite place in India. Jaipur architecture is definitely my type.
Meshed windows for women. Amber Palace, Jaipur, India

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