Saturday, November 7, 2009

Color boosting, hair retouch, liquify

First pic is original
Second pic was sharpened using MCP action.
Third pic was more photoshoped based on saved jpg of second photo.

Third pics
- Used Adjustment layer with color saturation, then used layer mask to erase the layer on humans. (so that we wont look reddish)
- My legs have hard flash hotspot. Just followed this tutorial for fixing it. Very good tutorial.
- hand painted with eye-drop color. Then reduce the opacity.
- Then layer mask /inverse layer mask for some adjustments.
- high pass the overlay mode of background copy. This will bring the texture of skin back.
- The frame is from MCP photoshop actions , free download.
- marque selected my top hair and painted red. I haven't learned eye drop tool, so I just chose red from color pallet, so it's not a good job. Should have done this, just like fixing flash hotspots:
- duplicate the background and work on it
- use eye dropper tool to pick nearby hair color. Then hand paint the top head on background copy
- reduce opacity to blend in.
- bring texture back by high pass filter on another duplicate background with overlay mode.
- layer mask or inverse layer mask to

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