Sunday, May 15, 2011


Quite inspired by Penny after watching 3 days of live course at Creative Live. It definitely took my life and soul and my weekend away. Feel restless. I've been watching live from start to finish for 3 days straight.

But it's worth it. I've learned alot. I'm quite inspired that I get out of bed to cook and taking food pictures in the kitchen while watching penny. My whole weekend, my entire world is photos. I'm inspired and photo-oriented morning to night and want to take pics.

I want to go out there and start taking pics of food trucks or construction workers or whatever people are doing out there.

I have a picture set in mind for Dave's next July 4th party, titled "Americans' July 4th". It's definitely "Food and culture". I'll make a project set out of it. It needs to tell the full story. I'll make it a project rather than getting good pictures from the event of the day. I'll keep the project in mind to tell the complete story rather than snapping few good pics.

I will start assigning self-projects and make complete sets of each project. I need to be project-oriented. Projects tell a story that individual pics don't.

So, my starter projects:
- Dave's July 4th party
- food truck at stanford
- whatever party I go
- ???

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