Sunday, January 13, 2013

Portraits 2/52

I came to realize that this project is not as easy as it seemed. I got to see how people feel of being photographed. This is the first time I got a couple of rejects when I asked people outside 99Ranch to take their pictures for my project. Even I'm never in good mood going to grocery stores, so it's understandable that their mind is occupied. I'm glad that I didn't get rejected on my first week portraits, which was at the park in San Francisco. Everybody I asked there was okay. Location is important!

I saw this father and son waiting outside of 99Ranch for a long time. So when I asked, they agreed to take a pic.  The kid is actually very cooperative and excited to be taken pics of. They made my Portraits 2/52.

This week I'm training myself to be comfortable with taking my time posing other people rather than shooting whatever they pose. People actually like it when I tell them the poses I want as they don't feel awkward of not knowing what to do.

I also shoot three highschool girls in downtown San Jose the same weekend. I love their energy and cooperation. They boosted my confidence back.

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