Sunday, February 3, 2013

Portraits 5/52 Oh....Old memories

What a funny shot today with this Korean couple I asked at Fisherman's wharf -- the guy was excited for the shoot but the girl was shy and unsure. Afterward, YMT said they were probably not going out. Then it hit me. Of course, why would they look so awkward and shy when I tried to pose them? They didn't come hand in hand; they stand far apart even when I told them to get closer. They were all giggles during the shot though.  I can't stop laughing at myself now when I think of the couple poses I made them do, never realizing once that they were probably not going out yet. Shame on me. Seemed like I stirred up some butterflies in them today that they will go out sooner.

They reminded me of Un and me 8 years ago, and the day we went to San Francisco on what he called "a date". We were not holding hands, and were not so sure about taking picture next to each other together at Eugene's wedding. 

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