Thursday, June 13, 2013

Take a lot of pictures

I was going though my checklist of to-do items with my parents while they are here, and found this note from last year.  "Take a lot of pictures"

I did take a lot of pictures with my family last year. But this year, I didn't. Now when I look back, I feel like I don't have enough pictures of our family moments during my sis's wedding in Yangon, her wedding in California, our outings with my parents, her graduation.  I took less than 100 frames at each event.  I didn't even have a picture of the bride and groom to post on FB!  Of ocurse I left it to their photog, Lawrence, without any doubts. I just wish I snap more moments of my family and inner circle.

Since I started Portraits52 project, my mindset is in getting someone look pretty and perfecting that portrait rather than snapping moments.  It's unbelievable how my mind thinks differently now.

I definitely got a lot of nice portraits of individuals during those events though, including a frame-worthy portrait of my parents together which has been on my mental checklist for so long. (And my dad loves it!)  At least I'm not totally at a loss.

Now when I see my checklist "Take a lot of pictures", I realized I do need to remind myself to take a lot of pictures to not miss the memorable moments. Pretty portraits don't make up for memorable snapshots I missed. Need to prioritize my goals based on situation.  Lesson learned.

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