Friday, July 26, 2013

Flip-flops away (aka removing objects in Photoshop)


I'm not good with photoshop at all.  Period. So I tried my best to get the details right during the shoot. But you don't get much choice when you clients want the bright green flip-flops removed from that otherwise perfect picture.

The first thing I thought about is color replacement to change that bring green to silvery color so it will be discreet. Turned out I tried different methods of color replacement I saved up before, and none of them work well.  Green became dull concrete color.  It's more discreet, but still doesn't look nice at all.

Finally, how could I forget my favorite tool in Photoshop!  It's "Warp tool" under Transform. So I decided to elongate her skirt to cover her left feet.  Ta-Da!  ~5min and done. (Youtube will have better videos than I can describe here by words on warp tool instructions).

Then for her left feet, I just did some color replacement since it's unnatural to cover that feet as well, and it's discreet enough already.

Just this simple task took me an hour!  Told ya I'm not good with photoshop. I'm pretty happy with final results though, as well as the couple.

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