Thursday, August 22, 2013

Maternity Photography (Portrait 33/52)

I start to have a huge sympathy for pregnant mothers at a new level after I photographed this beautiful mom-to-be, who is due a week from the day of the photoshoot.  It was such a hot day, and she did all her best to create my poses. After seeing her move around a bit, I just wanted to see her lay down and rest and forget about the photoshoot.

Even so, in that heat and sweat and tiresome hour of photoshoot, she is beautiful.

I learned a lot of what's doable and what not in maternity photography, especially with 9 month pregnant mother about to pop any minute.

Plus, I start to appreciate how patient fathers must be during this time when seeing him getting everything she needs since she can't pick things up now herself.

I can't thank them enough for doing a photoshoot with me this close to due date on such a  hot day. 

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