Thursday, November 21, 2013

Last weeks of fresh flowers

One of my routines on weekends is picking roses from our front yard for Buddha stage. As a kid, I was taught that offering flowers will bring you beauty, so I'm always a firm believer in donating flowers. :-) hehe.  Belief aside, it just makes me happy to see beautiful flowers on Buddha stage. 

I am lucky to have fresh roses from our rose trees once a week during spring, summer and fall. During some weeks I get two bases full of roses, so I can put one in living room.  As we go toward winter, I'll start to lose that privilege and have to go through a few winter months without any free fresh flowers on Buddha stage. 

And they are entertainment for my cat's boredom.  He sits next to the vase and keeps shredding them whenever he's bored or hungry.

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