Monday, December 30, 2013

Family photo shoot with eleven year olds (Portraits 47/52)

I literally googled "11 years old kids" when I got a booking for this family with 11 year old twins. I had no idea what 11 years old would be like for photoshoot, or even how big they would be.

These two eleven year old twins are just fun to hang around. They have tons of ideas for photos, full of energy and laughter.  They are easier than newborns or toddlers because they listened, understood and co-orporated.

Easy to talk to too. All I need is our common interest of Harry Potter to start with. Now I know what to talk with 11 year olds. LOL.

It's amazing how the parents did such a good job at raising them to be able to read and write Hindi and play indian music very well.

The boy was writing beautiful Hindi characters with real ink fountain pen. He was writing his family names, and when I asked him what the last long line is, thinking he wrote "I love my family". He answered "I am the greatest person". He just cracked me up.

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