Thursday, May 9, 2013

Emotional hangover

The downside of family vacation back home is the emotional hangover afterwards. I am so down these days that I start to question my life. My friend Maryam once said "In America, we mistaken comfort for happiness". I couldn't agree more in my current state of homesickness with troubling thoughts.
This post is just to reminisce my life during my last stay in Yangon.

မနက္ေစာေစာ ၿပည္သူ႔ရင္ၿပင္မွာ ေၿပးၿပီး ေနထြက္စမွာ ဘုုရားဖူးတယ္။
I just learned that shooting sunrise without any clouds in the sky is so bad. There were no cloud to distribute the rising sun's vibrant colors. What a waste!

ေလွကားထစ္ေတြေပၚေၿပးတက္ၿပီး  ဦး၀ိစာရလမ္းဘက္အဆံုုးမွာ ေရႊတိဂံုုဘုုရားကိုု ဖူးရတာ ေတာ္ေတာ္ခရီးေရာက္သြားသလိုုပဲ။

အိမ္ၿပန္လမ္းမွာ ခေရပန္းေတြေကာက္တယ္။

It was so peaceful. I sorted out my mind during alone, silent moments of picking flowers.
This has became my every morning routine during this last stay to a point that I get uncomfortable the whole day for a day when I didn't run.

 My sister said I'm content with my life; it's true most of the time except when I am homesick.

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