Saturday, December 20, 2014

My baby girl Scarlett

My baby Scarlett is now 11 weeks old. You might think I'll take lots of pics and post a lot about her on my blog/FB. Turns out I never finish sorting her pictures out and picking the best one of each set never ends, so they haven't made their appearance on blog/FB yet. I mentally wrote a blog post in my head all these times, but never got to sit down and write it down properly, and it's been 11 weeks already! So, now with my short-term memory loss from postpartum survival period, I've forgotten what to say about most of that 11 weeks now.

So here is whatever left now...

1 week
2 weeks

3 weeks
4 weeks

5 weeks
6 weeks

7 weeks
8 weeks
9 weeks

 Before the baby was born, I thought about a strategic photography plan to take her pictures periodically. I couldn't figure out what is the best system though..  Once a day to make time lapse series of her growing up? Or take the same pose/style every week for comparison? Or try all the fancy baby poses I like each time or etc etc.

After she's born, it turns out I didn't have to think too hard.  With the baby schedule and time crunch, there is not much option actually. Any picture I can take is already a lot of effort. I ended up not being able to reach for my DSLR camera until she's 1 weeks old, and that's because I pushed myself to do it before I missed it. Since then, the plan just resolves itself into weekly photoshoot. Now I commit to take one good photo of her a week. We have lots of camera phone photos of her in very low light conditions. Although they are good sweet moments, but it's a shame if all I have of her are grainy photos.    

And fancy super-cute newborn poses? No way. I was sleep deprived and for each photoshoot, it caused me one nap session and more work to soothe her and tend to her as I manipulated her comfort zone.  So less effort goes into her photos than those of my clients. Photographing my own baby is way harder than doing my clients' photoshoots.  There is only me to feed her, change her,  put her to sleep, photograph her meanwhile, soothe her back to sleep, change positions, soothe her again etc etc.   So most of her pictures are simple. I just laid her on the bed and get one good shot quick to stick with my weekly photo commitment. And with that rate, I didn't have a lot of good pictures in the past 11 weeks. Also, once  I am more willing to be creative, newborn flexible period  (the 1-2 weeks) was over, so I couldn't put her in cute tight poses anymore. Oh well.

I regretted not doing the photoshoot at the hospital on the first day.  I thought I can do it myself. I even brought my big girl camera to hospital, but we just packed it back home at the end. I still thought I can do it myself once we got home, but I didn't even want to get out of my bed and I was running behind in everything with the new baby schedule. The most difficult are the family photos. My husband and I took different shifts, so we were never in the same picture till these days. And we were walking dead zombies during the first few weeks. I should have hired another photographer to get it done. This one above is one of the very few ( < 5) family photos we have now. 

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