Thursday, September 1, 2016

American Southwest

Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona
Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

American southwest landscape is amazing.  Grand sandstone structures that I thought only exists in Game of Thrones. I was simply awed and mesmerized. I wondered why I took so long to go see these places. Then I remembered that I reserved these places  as backup many years ago for then I can no longer do international travel easily. Duh! That was a nice strategy though because this summer road trip didn't disappoint me.

Of the many sacrifices that parents make, photography is pretty high on my list, especially travel photography.

My full frame DLSR is now replaced by mirrorless (that extra noise is a big loss in my book!). L glasses are replaced by pancake lenses. I said bye-bye to long-exposure shots because instead of 10lbs tripods, I carry a 25lbs toddler on my back now. Instead of setting alarm to catch sunrise shots, I now "sleep in" any minute I could. Instead of waiting for the sunset, I just mostly point & shoot whatever I get because said toddler might wiggle us both over the cliff if I take longer than her patience, searching for the perfect frame. All in all, any photo I could manage to get are mediocre at best.

Majority of the trip, my camera just stayed in my bag because my hands were full with the toddler; and photo documentation was very sporadic.  A few days of no photos, and lots of photos when she's under control.

Last year after Hawaii trip, I said no more traveling for a while. But old habits die hard. I still love traveling and photography even though something's gotta give.  I now aim to make memories of myself with Scarlett, in photos or not.

How things change in a year!  Hats off to our road trip buddies. We had such a fun time with lots of laughters and frustrations with two kiddos in the car.

Pictures here are from Lower Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend in northern Arizona.

See the raft in the Colorado river? See how small it is and how large the landscape is? Amazing! 

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