Sunday, September 13, 2009

Low Light test

- Goal: test if I can take decent pics in low-light room.
-There was only my night stand light while I take these pics.

- spot-metered off Un's side face, +1EB (since I know it's dark and I want it brighter than 0EB setting, which would have been how I see with my eyes in the dark)
- The histogram has too much pixels on bright light due to reflection off the white wall.

- Now spot-metered off the white wall, knowing from the last image that the wall has more effect on the overall reflection. So I metered off it, +1EB (because I know that the room is still same dark) . +1EB as before, but now my meter should expose the wall well. It's a compromise between the overall disturbance of too-bright-wall but well-lit-face or correctly-exposed-wall but slightly darker face.
- I think second one is better for overall pic (according to histogram distribution)

Note; I tried to use rule of 1/3. His eyes and laptop should be at the joints.
Pics are blurry. I should have used tripod for better focus.

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