Tuesday, February 1, 2011

flash zoom focus

-f/13 for all
- 1/64 M
- ~1ft above subject
24mm is very broad, 108mm sends a narrow beam to reach 108mm focal length, so the mushrooms has brighter/hasher light hitting their head. 24mm light is so broad that their heads are not lit enough.

Notice the beam spread at the top of each image. 108mm image has the dark corners (means narrow beam coming out) and 24mm has almost uniform light at corners.
My fav is 108mm out of these 3 pics. The others are too dark. Flash is "in-focus" for 108mm and "not-in-focus" for 24mm.

I don't think this is how 'Apparent light source' exercise is to be done; it needs to be bounced off the wall to create a bigger+softer light source with 24mm and smaller+hasher light source with 108mm. But this is how I ended up. I need to plan next time before clicking.

I had so much fun with this shot. First time mounting flash on Gorillapod overhead. Gorillapod is gripping on the lamp. Scary. But it works! And my first time having flash overhead. Gorillapod is so worth it now. I've made good uses of it recently.

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