Monday, February 7, 2011

How to take smoke pictures

Day_36_noodle, originally uploaded by chomonkyaw.

I'm not over the smokes yet until I get it right. You will see more smoke pics in future. This smoke/steam from noodle is short-lived as in dry ice. I need more sustainable smoke.

1/64 M ~1ft away. f/1.8, 1/250

- Need dark background. If I can't see smoke with bare eyes, I can't see it in pics.
- Focus is hard. I wish this has better focus.
- Best solution for next time: Put the food in window light and expose for that natural light (w/o considering flash exposure) so that the food will look appetizing in natural light. For the smoke, put the food against black background (dark cabinets), so basically put the food between the window and the dark wall.
- Without flash, the food should look appetizing. Wil not see the steam well.
- Now Aim the flash at smoke. The flash will expose the smoke.
- I need snoots so that it doesn't spread to the food to interfere with natural light on the food.

** I should start using snoots

The pic on the right has the right idea, but the background needs to be dark.

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