Saturday, March 12, 2011

Let it rake

1/32 M set
~3' away
~10 deg tilted from the subject
a little bit elevated than subject (otherwise, it only lights the side of the object and the light doesn't RAKE across the whole surface), and also it is too harsh on the side because all the light hit the side and reflect. So it needs to be a bit higher. ~2" , then tilt it up a tiny bit so that the bottom-most ray barely go over the side edge. That way it doesn't flash the side out and lost all the details on the side.
Note: side of the object = side facing the flash.

1/250 as always
1/5.6 (some guesstimate from previous imaginary light meter collection)

Gotta play around with the height of flash, tilt, distance and power. Too many variables!

It took me ~10 shots to get what I want. I picked one setting that I thought will work. Looked at the pic and figured what's wrong and what I need to adjust, and repeat.

Sounds like I semi- tweaking? Any smarter way without trial and readjust things?

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