Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lighting 102 Specular light test

80mm zoom with snoot
1/64 for all except the last few ones as noted.
Flash slightly above on camera right

28mm zoom with snoot
But catch light is ~same size because snoot is same

28mm without snoot
catchlight is dimmer now because light is not concentrated as before by the snoot

Moved flash to the side.
Trying to see if I can get total "external" reflection without transmission thru the glass (i.e: no see through). I didn't get it. I tried angling to make light just hit the surface and bounce off the glass. Seems like I need smaller acute angle of flash to glass.

80mm zoom with snoot

Flash bounced off the ceiling.
80mm zoom with snoot
1/2 power seem 1/64 for others is too weak to bounce off the ceiling and come back.

Catch light is bigger and weaker now that it's not quite noticeable. Bounce off flash is s a bigger light source now.

After this, I don't know what I'm supposed to get and forgot the goal. Gotta read strobist lesson again.

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