Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Australia Travel photos

Three sisters at Blue Mountains, Australia
I'm sorry to say that Australia didn't please me enough with the city sight-seeings we did. I want to see more culture and something significantly different than the US.  

Blue Mountains is one of my fav for this trip. It's like Grand Canyon, but so green everywhere. The sky train ride over the cliff with waterfalls is so mesmerizing. Too bad we only had ~2-3 hours there, so didn't get to hike the beauty.
Nobbys beach, Newcastle
Macquarie's Pier, Newcastle

Skytrain ride over the waterfalls at Blue Mountains

I love Sydney. Sydney is such a beautiful city by the bays, lots of bays everywhere! But I didn't fulfill my single photo goal for this trip. It's the night scene of Harbour bridge and Opera house together. We couldn't get to Sydney harbour again at night. One of the famous photographers said "getting a good picture is being at the right place at the right time". Couldn't be more true, especially for travel photography.

White sand beaches at Nelson bay, Newcastle

Canberra is so empty and looks so much like Madison, WI.

Victoria Harbour, Melbourne, Australia
As far as I can see, Melbourne doesn't really have any significant landmarks saying it's Melbourne although it is the city with lots of really nice and interesting architecture. Just that they don't stand out enough. The spike and Flinders st station looks like landmarks, but they are just not unique enough.

The penguin parade at Phillip Island near Melbourne is another one of my favorites on this trip. No photography allowed there. 
Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, Australia

Contrary to popular belief, it's not that easy to see live kangaroos on the road.  And I didn't see a koala since we didn't make it to the farm.

p.s: My honest opinion. No offense intended to anyone. 

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