Saturday, October 12, 2013

Newborn Mizuri (Portraits 45/52)

Baby Mizuri was 3 weeks old when I did her photoshoot last week. I can already tell the difference in photoshoots between a 10 days old newborn and 3 weeks old newborn.  It's harder to get sleeping poses as babies get older. And their legs get stronger so it's not easy to get squeezy poses as they will be constantly kicking.

The challenging thing about newborn photography is that it's always changing. Babies are different. Their sleeping times are different. Lighting and space are different at each home (since I travel to newborn's place to shoot).  So I cannot follow a specific plan as in engagement shoots.  So the flow ended up different at each shot no matter how much I pre-visualized.

The similarity is the end result that always make me smile with super cute babies. If I'm loving those cute baby photos this much, no words I can use to describe their parents. And it's so rewarding that keeps me wanting to do newborn photography.

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