Saturday, June 6, 2015

home-made baby food

This is my baby's food at the moment; frozen pureed vegetables; purple yam, carrots, yellow/red lentils are frozen. Avocado and bananas are no-brainer, ready to eat any-time, anywhere in already pureed form. Sorry, there is no green in the picture because we finished them. Asparagus, collard greens etc.

This book 'The amazing make-ahead baby food book' I borrowed from library inspired me to make these frozen pureed foods. I picked it up just because the beautiful food pictures in the book caught my attention. I love this book. I'm not reading it at all. I just flipped it now and then when I ran out of ideas for what to feed my baby.

If you are not into food and cooking like me, don't read the book in all details. It has some serious weekly meal planning and recipes and stuff that stress me out. I just looked at food photos to get the idea. :D

I was all pro-table-food because I started feeding her because our pediatrician made it sound so simple and easy. "You just over-boil an asparagus, she will pick it up and eat it herself. No need to puree, no spoon-feeding etc". Well, I tried so hard to make that asparagus work. And carrot. Finally feeding puree is easier and quicker for now. And I can't boil asparagus every time I need to feed her. So taking the inspiration from the book, I (actually my mom) made lots of puree and freeze them. Before each meal time, just microwave a few cubes. Easy peasy.

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