Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I need to revamp my personal photography. Things have changed after my baby. Luckily, my dedicated dear clients kept me on my toes with baby photography, and made sure I kept up with my photography business.
On personal photography, I haven't taken out my camera since the baby arrived. Wait wait. I haven't taken myself and the baby out much, let alone with the big-girl camera with us too.

Waimea Canyon outlook
Even on our last trip to Kauai, Hawaii, I ended up taking most of the photos with my iPhone rather than my big camera :-(  I definitely miss my big camera, but with my hands so full with the baby, it's too much to handle. 

Now that I think about it, I miss it. I miss good pictures from my big camera. iPhone can only go so far. :-(  

Before Kauai trip, I didn't even think hard on which lens to bring along. I just grab my camera bag with portrait lens I use for client shoots. Guess what, I miss all those good shots of Waimea canyon, and all scenic lookouts because my portrait lens is just not wide enough obviously. I kept blaming myself for how careless I was! I  gave it a couple seconds of thought though, but it was too difficult to think, so I just winged it. LOL. And got just a handful of photos on it.

Cave on north side of Kauai

Poipu, Kauai
So, I'll try to keep up with my blog again.

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