Thursday, January 20, 2011


I just tripped on this blog while searching for back-button focusing tutorials and I was hooked for the whole day.

Her blog is just so cute . Pics are so cute that I could die from cuteness. I read almost all of her posts (or at least uncountable number of posts) the whole day. I just couldn't stop. Love her colors that really pop and clarity, and I really want to know how she post process them. So I keep searching on her blog for tips and tutorials , but seems like she hasn't posted anything abt post processing except that she used Totally Rad Actions mostly.

Her editing results are similar to Jodi Friedman's popped colors, contrast and composition, but Ashley's contents are cuter.

I'm so inspired by her pics that I want to take pics now in daylight and post-process. I gotta learn more post-processing now.

She said she adjusted the curves, increasing the contrast, web sharpening and color. I gotta learn how to saturate the colors separately and sharpening.

One thing I got reminded from her pics: I gotta drop down low and angles angles angles!!
Dropping low and shotting up is one of the angles I've been forgetting. Shoot from floor level or include some floor/table content to give that composition a pop.

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