Sunday, January 23, 2011

Photoshop day

Spent whole day at home on photoshop. I already forgot simple things I've learned before.

I had to spend ~2 hrs to do a collage. And I still wasn't quite happy cos it's not exactly how I want, like cropping each image in big collage crops the whole thing instead. So I gotta figure out how to crop the layers or marquee select and cut and paste in a new layer? but it's too late and gotta sleep.
CoffeeShop has lots of free storyboard actions here.
I don't think it's that easy to use if I just want a simple collage. Or maybe I just need to look carefully into her instructions.

Edit -> Free Transform -> shift+drag to resize with fixed aspect ratios.

Fav actions
PW's boost sharpens and brighten the colors.
CoffeeShop's color pop ?
Sharpen is good by either PW or MCP, but Boost aldy has sharpen ; same as most other actions.

After getting apple laptop from Google, it's my main computer now. It's very hard to go to Windows and work on 2 computers and keep transferring files back and forth. It's ridiculous. Plus, my Dell 710m laptop is so old with 520MB RAM that Photoshop CS4 is overloading it. I have to literally wait ~3 min after any click in CS4. It's wasting my time. I tried Gimp, not bad but no actions in Gimp as in Photoshop. So I can't abandon Photoshop, especially for fun actions like vintage or boost etc.

I even want to buy a Photoshop myself and put it on Mac.

For the first raw green beans, used Boost action and that did it. Beans look brighter, greener, and sharper. Nothing else needed.

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