Monday, January 24, 2011

Popping pics

Earth tones for this Spring season in the mall inspired me. I'm crazy about muted tones.

I have new found love for natural light during the day. Isn't it pretty? I don't have to do much with lighting.

-Boost by PW
- Masked everything else except flower to boost flower only
- Define and Sharpen by PW
- Masked everything else except flower to extra-sharpen flower only
(Note: Boost aldy has sharpen inside, but I did sharpen again because I'm crazy abt sharpness and popping now)

I'm finally happy with making the pic pop. I have to selective sharpen the image so that the sharp areas seem popping.

And what a difference I see now in sharpness. Now I know people sharpen their pics in editing to make it more focus and more pop. I gotta keep working on my editing skills and I can get there.

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