Friday, March 15, 2013

Portraits 10/52 Cooperative family

Meet baby Vera and her parents.
Both KHMA and Ma Yu are so nice and very cooperative. If I got good pictures today, it's because of  their cooperativeness (starting from taking the clothes off the baby to flipping/handling the baby in difficult ways again and again to get me the poses I want), their willingness to get good pictures and their trust in me that I know what I was doing.  It was a successful photo shoot. I can't thank them enough. Their are professional customers too. They know solid color bedsheets and clean backgrounds are good for photos, and knew to change into the right clothes without me needing to request. They made my life easier and made me a happy photographer today.

Still, I could have done a lot better. Need to have more poses, different styles, more props, different outfits, outdoor, tiny feet. I left my sketch of poses and shoot plan on dinning table right before I left my house, Duh!!  What's the point of all that preparation and sketches if I don't remember to bring it?  And I forgot to bring my prop woven basket too. Jeez. Now I learned.  Next time.  I did managed to bring all the  needed gear with me though. It's unbelievable how much my thoughts can get scattered when adrenaline was rushing though my body during the shoot.

Now onto technical stuff... ....
I shot some frames with 430EXII on 2x2' softbox on ETTL. Did I mention enough that I hate ETTL?  I should have just taken a few manual power setting and get it right since the beginning and use it for the rest since my camera's  manual setup of f/4 and 1/200s should kill the ambient enough already. I think spot metering v.s matrix metering also affects ETTL, not just the regular in-camera metering. I love their huge sliding doors with diffused coating that gave me enough soft natural light. The background could be cleaner; but of course, it's a home and not a studio. So I just hope that it gives a feel of being home with family instead. LOL.

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