Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Portraits 11/52: Natural-light home studio

A "model" literally walked in to my home today just when I was thinking about whom to shoot for this week project. After the family session last week, I don't want any snapshots. I want properly setup and posed pictures with cooperative models. I couldn't be happier that Dan brought Emily to his study session. And she is so pretty, and her white dress is just perfect for my vision!  I just tried the natural light setup with self-portraits earlier, so perfect timing.

Technical stuff:
This week I'm trying out a new natural light setup.  I found out why my natural lighting was not good enough in my living room. The light was too strong. I need to diffuse that window light and I need a reflector.  Today I put the model a bit far from the window where the light is already soft enough that a diffuser is not needed. I put a reflector (white cardboard) on the opposite of the window with the model in between so that both sides of the face are properly lit.  Reflectors from many angles is the key!!

Important things for this look
   - a diffuser (curtain or white organza or some white sheer sheets and hair clip to hold them up against window)
    - reflector(s)

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