Sunday, March 3, 2013

Portraits 9/52 Family, friends and dogs

The thing I love about taking picture of Indian people is that they have a cool look naturally. No need to tell them not to smile or to give me a serious look. They have naturally intense gaze that "search" into the lens.

One of these two men is from Madrid. His wife asked me a lot about my project. She's actually more interested in me as a person than my project.

Farmers' market again this week. It was a cloudy day with peaking sun from time to time, so I can't pass the diffused light at the market even though I made up my mind not to go to market again this week.

This family eating Gyros looked so warm and fun that I had to take their picture. Seeing big family always reminds me of home. 

The black version of Chopper. Really! Doesn't he look like Chopper, my cat? So cute. 

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