Saturday, May 18, 2013

Madison, WI visit

I've been meaning to take a portrait in wild spring yellow flower field since the beginning of spring in California. But I never gave time to stop by. When I came back from Myanmar and finally have some time for photo-walks, they are gone! No more yellow flower field near HW237 that I've been eyeing. Just empty :-( .   I thought I gotta wait for another spring.

And viola! When I arrived in Madison, they are everywhere.  Green grass everywhere. So many green trees everywhere. And yellow flowers were sprinkled on all grass, in people's lawns, in wild grasslands etc. Everywhere. And I'm in heaven.

Yellow wild spring flowers are long gone in California.

Google storage limits

I read about Google storage limit and paid attention to which counts toward the limit or what. PicasaWebAlbums is not Google+ photos. PicasaWebAlbums has 1GB limit, but if I create an album under Google+ photos, they don't count toward 1GB limit as long as the pictures do not exceed 2048x2048.

Photos uploaded directly to Blogger are stored under PicasaWebAlbumss (I can't find them under Google+ photos as of 5/19/2013, but all Google+ albums are under PicasaWebAlbums). Does that mean Google+ photos and PicasaWebAlbums are still two separate entities?  It's quite confusing, even for a Googler.

Two ways for me to minimize my storage usage:
1) upload no bigger than 800x800 pixels to Blogger so that it doesn't get counted toward 1GB Blogger photo limit.
2) upload the pictures to Google+ albums first (smaller than 2048x2048), then insert them to Blogger from Google+ albums.  That way it doesn't get counted toward 1GB Blogger photo limit.

The pictures in this post are inserted from Google+ album; method #2. I should do this way from now on.  But it's a small difference for now since I still have ~54GB free. If it's too much work, I might just ignore it.

Another summary:

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