Saturday, May 18, 2013

Portraits 20/52: Tulip obsession

I can never have enough pictures of tulips. I didn't expect to see tulips in May, but Madison has tulips everywhere now, in people's front yards, gardens and the State Capitol.
State Capitol, Madison, Wisconsin

Love love love the tulips. I've never seen this many tulips before, even in San Francisco Fisherman's wharf, where they have Tulipmania every February. The only thing I regret is not getting a photo of me   and my mom with these tulips fields. I didn't have my tripod and I was in a hurry to get back to my family waiting elsewhere. 

People are holding tulip bouquets from Farmers' market. What an eye candy today. Portraits 20/52.

Spicy chicken at Fugu near State St
This chicken is back-lit by window light with a white napkin acting as a reflector close to the camera. The reflector does make a big difference for any back-lit photos. We were luckily placed by the window for this window-light.

For food photography, I highly recommend the book "From snapshots to great shots" by Nicole S. Young. It has lighting diagrams for both artificial and natural lights. Back-lit or side-lit window light with a reflector across is the key for natural-light food photos.

I realized interesting street photography is very hard; harder than asking strangers for their portraits.  I'm scared to take people's pictures without their permission now.

Madison has full of yellow wild flowers everywhere while I was there.

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